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    ICAP Server - Not closing connection


      Hi All.


      We have a webgateway v running as an ICAP server. It appears to be running ok, and receives any ICAP traffice sent to it, and responds when a threat is detected. However, the webgateway does not appear to be closing the connection after it has sent its response back to the ICAP client, which results in it taking approx 70 seconds to process a file (as it times out and then goes onto the next file). Is there a way to configure the response header or a rue on the webgateway that will close the connection from the ICAP client to the ICAP server (ie the webgateway) after sending its response?


      The screen-shot below is the current ruleset we have in place. The server is being used to scan the ICAP traffice for any threats.

      ICAP Ruleset.jpg






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