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    Artemis trojan has disabled McAfee Virus Scan

      Got a trojan by the name of Artemis 2DDCE8374EF6 & Artimis BA4D5EF0D3B3.  McAfee has quarantined them over 117 times today.  I've tried to run a full scan but after 5% of the scan is done McAfee virus scan stops & displays a message that "an error has occurred" & the scan is stopped.  It has also affected my Windows XP firewall.  It doesn't allow me to open the firewall to see my settings.  How can I get rid of this trojan?    Thank You for any help you can give me.

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          Er why is windows firewall on if should not be if you have mcafee firewall installed?


          Run Stinger getsusp and malwarebytres from

          McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools


          When you download getsusp add your email to the preferences so they can contact you if they make a new dat.


          With Malwarebytes ensure you only install teh free version as the paid version will clash with Mcafee

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            Windows firewall is usually off but I thought I'd check to make sure no conflicts & that's when I got the error & it wouldn't let me open it.  I tried a system restore but, no matter what date I pick , it also won't do a restore.   McAfee pops up twice in lower right corner about every 10 minutes or so & tells me it has quarantined the Artemis trojan.  Got  frustrated last night & turned off computer.  Turned back on this morning & I'm now over 140 quarantines.  I still can't perform a full scan.  McAfee errors out after 5% of the scan is completed.  Quarantine is now starting to pop up every 5 minutes or less making it very difficult to do anything.  I'm not very good at technical stuff but, I'll try the Run Stinger.  Thanks for your help

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              You could try booting to Safe Mode then try to start System Restore to go back to before all this happened.


              System Restore can be found in Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools or open Start/Run and type in rstrui.exe and click OK or your Enter key.


              If that is successful temporarily disable System Restore to clean out the infected restore point.

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                already did safe mode boot to run a system restore but I continually get an error message saying "Your computer cannot be restored.  No changes have been made to your computer."  I went all the way back to Feb 17, 2012 which is the farthest back it would allow me to go.  I've tried all different dates & get the same message.  Wished it worked cause that would have been an easy fix.  My McAfee Auto Scan is now turning itself off at random.  I continually have to turn it back on.  I'm beginning to wonder if McAfee has gotten corrupted, if that's possible?  Doesn't make sense why it's continually giving me the message box that says "trojan removed" & the info says Artemis  was quarantined.  It pops up about every 5 minutes.  So far I can't do system restore,  virus scan & open my Windows firewall.  I think something connected with this problem has disabled them.  The exact message McAfee states is...detected Artemis Trojan...Quarantined from C:\\Windows Installer\{40eec23d-cef3-2457-0989-fbaaca1fcee3}\U\80000032.@   

                The 2nd quarantine is the same except for the last numbers which are 80000000.@

                It's now done it over 220 times.  I'm actually considering removing McAfee & either reinstalling it or installing a totally different brand of virus protection.   Maybe then my system will return to normal.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You

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                  Do you think these are false findings?  If so follow this:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


                  If there's a suspicion that something is infected try downloading, updating and running Malwarebytes FREE (not pro or trial version) in 'Safe Mode with Networking" reached by tapping F8 repeatedly when booting up and it's usually the second item on the menu.


                  (It's one of the few pieces of software that will do all that in that mode).


                  The download link is on this page:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168

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                    actually i got that to but after reinstalling mcafee problems vanished and later i found out mcafee sees lots of loader.dll files as artemis trojans witch is bull crap. FIX YOUR PROGRAM MCAFEE!

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                      This is an old thread and most likely solved long ago.   I oultined above what to do when things are misidentified as an infection.   Maybe certain download sources are worse than others for suspicious activity hence the Artemis detections are more likely to happen.

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                        Locking old thread.