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    Trouble installing ePO agent on Server 2008 R2

      Hello everyone, I am new to the forums so I am sorry if I have opened this discussion in the wrong location.


      Here at work, we are using ePO 4.5 to manage our systems.  When we are preparing a new system, we use the FramePkg.exe to push out the epo agent and virusscanner. This has worked flawlessly for all of our systems running Server 2003 or Windows XP. However, we are now installing a new server running Server 2008 R2, and I am running into an issue. When I run the FramePkg, the ePO Agent gets installed, but the virusscanner does not. If I look in the ePO console, I can see that McAfee has recognized the new server. I have tried disabling the firewall, but that did not resolve my issue. Any suggestions?