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        I have been having this issue since the 2nd of May 2012. I notice that sometimes the DAT appears to be up-to-date and other times the DAT is 6692.

        Have been checking this from three different sites with different ISP's, routers and computers with different Operating systems and get the same result

        where sometimes the DAT is up-to-date and the other times the DAT is always 6692.

        Have tried using Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and command line FTP all with the same result. For the past two days I have been running FTP

        scripts every 5 minutes from two different locations,  to analyze the DAT on the FTP site commonupdater and log the results.

        It shows the DAT version changing back and forth at randomly between the latest DAT and 6692.


        It was my theory that there must be a FTP mirror stuck on DAT 6692 somewhere that I am connecting to, but I don't realy know, I had been sort of hoping

        the problem would just go away but it hasn't.


        I have contacted Mcafee support about this and they have accessed my computer and actually seen the problem for themselves, but since they are unable

        to reproduce the problem from their end, they are not accepting that there is a problem apart from suggesting it's being cached at my end.


        Well I don't see how it's being cached at three different locations on different computers etc and always DAT6692. That would be too much of a coincidence.


        I am therefore heartened to find that I am not the only one who has noticed this. Im seeing this issue from New Zealand, D-Fens which country are you seeing it from?

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          Update for anyone who cares. The script I have been running for the last couple of days has indicated to me that this issue has come right at about 1am this morning 18th May (New Zealand Standard Time).

          Both sites where I have been running the script from show the same thing in the logs at about 1am the ftp.nai.com sites were showing the latest DATs correctly and at this time of writing this, 13 hours later,

          the logs are still showing the latest DATs. I therefore presume somthing was out of my control was fixed at that time. Hopefully the issue is now resolved.

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            I am also seeing this problem since early November with DAT 6883. I am getting the same response from McAfee that it is cached on my side but I have verified with the internal support folks that this is not the case. I have monitored the ftp site throughout the course of several days and periodic refreshes will result in the 6883 being presented.