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    Duplicate system names in ePO 4.6.1



      We are running ePO 4.6.1 and noticed an increase in duplicate system names.

      There are some tasks running once a week to remediate these issues:


      a) Event clean up and purging task

      b) Inactive agent removal task

      c) Duplicate agent remediation task


      Not sure if this is related, but some of these systems then stop comminicating, as if the agent became corrupt.


      Please help!


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          Same problem here with increasing duplicate system names showing up.


          What I found out so far:

          When a machine registers with i.e. the LAN MacAddress at one point, a second entry is created when the same machine connects wireless.

          I don't know if this is by design, but I would think the system name entry would just get updated with the second macaddress, instead of creating a new system name entry.


          Have i missed something in the configuration of ePolicy?

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            This definitely isn't how it's supposed to work: once the first connection has been made, the entry in ePO should be tracked by its unique ID (or GUID). As you say, after that if the machine connects via a different interface, the entry in the database is simply updated with the new MAC address. The only way you can really get duplicates like this is if the GUID is changing.


            If you look in the properties for the two entries in ePO, do they have different agent GUIDs?


            Thanks -



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              Thanks for your constructive answers.

              I can add to this by saying that I noticed that when I select the duplicates in ePO, and do a wake-up, and IMEDIATELY, select them again, and delete them from ePO, the agent on the system will receive a wake-up call, and send the props back to ePO, resulting in a singel, up to date entry, instead of the duplicate entries.

              Also, when I delete the GUID from the registry on the system, and restart the framework services, and delete the duplicates from ePO, this have the same result where the agent talks back to ePO with the correct, updated props.

              The question is, how  does a agent register a duplicate GUID on ePO, by uninstalling the agent on the system, reinstalling it, and establishing communication, but the old entries are still in ePO?


              So, to recap what has been done to rectify this (all temporary as issues reappear):


              • Redeployment of agent to reestablish communication – successful.
              • Manual installation of agent to reestablish communication – successful.
              • Restarting the framework service after deleting the GUID in the registry on the affected agent – successful.
              • Running of Duplicate GUID task clears out duplicate agents.
              • Purging Events Task.

              Thanks for all the constructive input.

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                In my case, the two entries have indeed got different GUIDs.

                As Jeanne mentions, what could cause the machine to register with a different GUID when the machine is already known by ePolicy?

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                  Just an update on this issue:

                  We are having a meeting with Mcafee engineers today around this particular issue.

                  I will post comments here.

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                    Good luck! I hope you'll get it sorted ;-)

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                      Did you resolve this?