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    Unwanted Security Scan install destroys XP internet access

      Well, I just spent 30 minutes "chatting" online a certified tech support moron about this problem, and so registered to post here in the hope of actually getting an answer. Problem is that after my daughter unintentionally installed the Security Scan on her XP/SP3 computer, it has been unable to access the internet through either IE8 or Firefox; you know, the usual "unable to open page" bit. Access was flawless on the home wireless network before this piece of garbage was installed, and still is on every other machine in the house. Have verified that the wireless connection is good, still shows connected. While troubleshooting today, i noticed a new Mcafee shield icon on her desktop, found in add/remove programs that it had been installed, you guessed it, Saturday afternoon; and no internet access since that time. None.


      Now this computer had AVG 9 already installed, but of course it was never a problem. I'm hoping that someone here might actually know what settings the McAfee scan program may have changed that has completely disabled internet access. I have already uninstalled the program properly, but it made no difference.


      So is there anyone out there who will acknowledge and give me a solution??

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          hang on what did you install? McAfee programs as per this list



          or security scan a program that is offered via adobe updates and installs as a default?


          the latter can be removed via add remove programs which you may have followed that should have fixed things.


          The first if you did not remove AVG via its removal tool  Avg or its leftovers would probably clash with McAfee.


          If it is the first case will continue to help when you reply and I wake up.


          PS currently some McAfee installs lose net access



          Have you tried to go back to a restore point prior to all this?

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            Thanks for the response, but still no progress. To answer your questions:


            1) It was not from the list of McAfee programs; it was, instead, installed unintentionally by my daughter on her computer, apparently as part of some other download; you know, one of those sneaky checkboxes that installs something you do NOT want by default, but get anyway if you are not vigilant.


            2) I checked the add and remove list, of course; that's where I saw that the McAfee program had last been accessed on May 12  at the very instant that she lost all ability to open any pages on either IE or Firefox. So of course I removed it, and no change; same message in both browsers about cannot find server/open page.


            3) I also have now completely removed AVG9, and still cannot connect.


            4) Tried the restore point route as well; unfortunately, the system cannot seem to restore any of the points, the 'unable to restore, no changes made" msg pops up.


            Now I know the computer has access to the wireless network, have verified that several times; tried the disable-re-enable method outlined in another discussion, shows it is connected, but no difference in being able to access anything via IE or Firefox at all. So the problem is apparently something the McAfee "scan" did to whatever settings deep within XP that enable any browser to access the network and the internet. I am absolutely livid that this unwanted piece of unnecessary garbage has caused such damage.

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              Now this is a new 1 usually as mentioned Mcafee security scan installs and that is that. It pops up now and again annoying you I assume trying to get a purchase but really does not do anything non benign.


              Triple check it was called Mcafee Security scan correct there is a malware called security scanner aka xP security 2011 /vista security 2011.


              Have you run some scans say from the list here

              McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools


              I just wonder if you picked up something. Will point some high level techs to look over this thread as I said this far from expected. The standard product has net issue but easily worked around till they fix things.

              see what they say.


              BTW calling tech that name might not be a good idea if you want their support here. Just a thought not saying they would ignore you just not nice..


              What firewall are you using? Try resetting it to defaults


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                Are you sure that what was downloaded was Security Scan Plus?


                If the program was McAfee Security Scan Plus it's a pretty innocuous program. Really it's just a marketing come-on for McAfee. I've got it installed, and it does not activate itself. It's an on-demand scanner, you have to double-click on the icon for it to run. All it does is a lightning scan of memory looking for malware, checks your browser for malicious add-ons, and looks to see if you've got McAfee installed. If you have it checks that eveything is on and working. If not, it probably says Would You Like To Buy McAfee? And that's it. Annoying, certainly, if you got it as part of a software download and didn't really want it, but it's a lightweight little app that doesn't, as far as I know, touch the network settings or touch any firewall settings.


                What it might have done, possibly, is change one or more browser settings. I don't know if it does that, and I haven't noticed any changes to my browser settings when I run it, but it's conceivable. Go through IE and Firefox and look for anything network- or firewall-related. Check LAN settings in the Connections tab of Internet Options. You have the option in IE of resetting everything to default settings, but that's probably overkill.


                There are some utilities you could run, but if you haven't got them already you'll have to download them on another PC to a USB memory device and copy them across. First though, use what's built in to XP :

                - Check in Windows Security Center for the Windows Firewall and look at the settings; see what it says about Virus Protection.

                - Fire up IE and select Internet Tools-->Delete Browsing History. Check every box except the topmost box. Delete everything - cookies, cache, browsing history, temporary internet files.

                - Do the same in Firefox. Clear all cookies, temp files, history, everything. Start the next browsing session with a clean slate.


                - If the browsers still won't connect to the Internet, start IE with No Add-Ons. This option will be in the Microsoft programs list available from the Start button somewhere (I reordered everything and now can't remember where that was originally).


                - Run 'Diagnose Connection Problems' - you'll find this at  C:\WINDOWS\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe

                You say the PC is connected to the wireless network, but that's going to check the connection to Microsoft. If it can't connect you may have a firewall problem or there may be malware on the system.


                - From the Start button (I'm assuming Classic View) go to Settings-->Network Connections. When the window opens look on the left-hand side for Network Troubleshooter. Click on it and wait for the Help& Support Center window to open. Follow the steps listed there for basic troubleshooting.



                Edit - This fix is supposed to work, the techs say -

                Click Start and select the Run... box.


                Type cmd and press Enter


                At the prompt, type the following command and press Enter:

                ipconfig /release  


                At the prompt, type the following command and press Enter:

                ipconfig /renew


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                  Peacekeeper and Hayton


                  Thanks for the thoughtful and thorough replies. I do appreciate the effort, even if, so far, no joy. So let me bring you up to date.


                  First, I'm not exactly sure what it was called, just didn't pay close enough attention; my bad. What happened was that when I was trying to determine why only my daughter's XP desktop would not open any pages with either IE or firefox, I noticed a new McAfee shield icon that had not been there before, so opened add and remove to see what that was about. The last access info was at exactly the time on Saturday afternoon when she lost connection (had several tabs open in FF before, could not refresh after), so I removed it, thinking that would resolve the issue. It didn't.


                  As far as picking something up, I suppose that's always a possibility, but AVG9  is pretty robust usually, and I did run a scan just to be sure; nothing turned up. Uninstalled 9 just in case there was some intractable conflict with whatever McAfee program I had just removed, but still no dice. Then tried to install AVG 2012, but could not complete the operation because internet access was required, per the popup that stopped the install. How's that for a nice Catch-22?  So now there is no antivurus on this machine and still can't connect.


                  I do think that the problem is somewhere buried in how XP authorizes the browsers to access the network, and not the network access itself, because the wireless shows connected with its usual excellent signal strength @ 300 mbps; I'm not getting the "limited connectivity" warning. Have tried all of the disconnect/renew steps Hayton has mentioned, made sure that the settings in both browsers were correct, and still nothing. Also ran all of the limited network roubleshooters XP offers, they went through the usual disable/reenable/acquire address routine, and the machine connected to the wireless router just fine


                  So I tried the ipconfig release/renew trick this morning, and got the disheartening response that Windows cannot do that while the LAN media is disconnected. Since this is not a wired connection, well of course it's not connected through a LAN. Ran a plain old ipconfig command without the /release tag  just to see what came up, and it shows connected with the manual ip address, gateway, DNS that also shows connected through the Windows network diagnostics route. So again, it appears that something is preventing both browsers from accessing that established network connection.


                  Any further insight would certainly be appreciated. Would there be any useful event log created when trying to access, that might give someone far more knowledgeable than me some insight into where the problem might lie? Happy to create one and send it on to you, if so.


                  Oh, and Peacekeeper, I know that I sounded harsh in describing my experience, but you would have had to read the online chat transcript to believe it: at least 3/4 of what I was receiving was nothing but canned responses directed at getting me to use the new Tech Masters service (or whatever it is called); when I was finally told to contact my ISP for a solution, I pretty much blew up in frustration. I'd say I was talking more to a marketer than a real tech, but do regret the unnecessarily strident tone.


                  Thanks again for making the effort!

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                    Update: SOLUTION FOUND!


                    Well, to make a too-long story short, it seems that the McAfee install somehow disrupted the Winsock 2 catalog, preventing network adapter access to the internet. Problem was isolated by viewing the diagnostic log after running the IE network diagnostic tool several times. The red section indicated missing entries from that "catalog", so off I went in search of fixes. None of the automated ones worked, either from MS or third-party downloads; instead, had to delete two registry keys, reboot, reinstall TCP/IP, reboot, disconnect and reconnect router and modem, and finally winsock restored along with internet connectivity.


                    Will provide details and links to the MS article on restoring winsock in XP SP2 on request if anyone wants them, but it does appear that something in the McAfee install is mucking with winsock information in a most fundamental way. At any rate, your assistance has been much appreciated; hope my experience may help others who wind up equally stranded.

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                      Thanks strange will pass this on good luck with everything