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    McAfee Secure WebMail


      A bank that I do business with bank sends me email that I can only retrieve by logging into the McAfee Secure Webmail application.  It's a big inconvenience. Why is this?  Is it because a McAfee email applicance at the bank has my domain on a blacklist or something similar?  Can I do something to get thier email to me delivered through normal channels and to to my desktop Outlook?   How would I approach this?  With McAfee or the banks IT team?


      If anyone out there can help, it woul dbe fantastic.


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          This looks more Business than Consumer. Moved to Business (Email and Web Security),

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            You would need to approach the bank's IT team.  The bank's administrator configures delivery options for secure messages.  It sounds like they have choosen a 'pull' method of message storage.   The pull method stores the message on the senders email system.  It has nothing to do with blacklisting your domain.  The bank probably has some regulation for privacy they are following and they have decided the best way to protect potential private infomation in your email communication with them is via this method.