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    Rogue System Sensors and 802.1q Trunking With VLANS

      I am sure that no one will want to touch this one with a ten foot pole. However, I believe that I have a legitimate issue and or gripe with the Rogue System Sensor product.

      Here is the situation. I have been tasked with deploying Rogue System Senors to each subnet in in our company. Each subnet has its own VLAN. So, our bright idea to save money was to deploy one Rogue System Sensor with ten NICs. With some NICs there is a one to one correlation between the physical NIC and the VLAN/subnet it is attached to. With others, however, we have enabled 802.1q trunking to feed two or more VLANs to one physical interface.

      In cases where 802.1q trunking is enabled, a virtual adapter is created for each VLAN serviced by the physical adapter. This is where the problem rears its ugly head. In cases where two or more VLANs are passed through one physical adapter, only subnets/VLANs associated THE FIRST VLAN are covered/discovered.

      To the best of my knowledge, this IS NOT an issue with the server itself due to the fact that I can ping any of the interfaces (both physical and virtual) on the server and get a response.

      It is my understanding that this issue is due to a one-to-one correlation between a field in the ePO database and could be remedied by allowing a one-to-many correlation to exist.

      Finally, I know that this situation could be remedied by simply deploying a Rogue System Sensor to the ignored subnets. However, I believe that this is a legitimate bug between the Rogue System Sensor software and the ePO database that should be fixed. Furthermore, I do not believe that I should be forced to provide additional servers to those subnets when this bug could be easily fixed. I also, know that we could push the Rogue System Sensor software to an existing client on the affected subnets. But, we do not wish to do this either due to performance issues on the client system the last time we tried to use client PCs to host Rogue System Senors.



      To give you an idea of the setup, here is a screenshot of my device manager on the server.