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    Windows Vista - and now Windows 7 McAfee Security Center virus update pushed May 11 and 14,2012 Internet access disconnected.

      I was surfing normally May 11, 2012 when a McAfee upgrade/update was pushed to me - it indicated a "restart" was required to complete - once restarted Internet connection was lost.

      I can access Internet via "safe mode with networking" and after uninstalling McAfee software ONLY. Re-install McAfee security center (after removal) will work only as long as computer IS NOT restarted.

      UPDATED May 14 - Update pushed to my wife's laptop (Windows 7) - has her disconnected as well.......................this ain't funny any more !



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      UPDATE 05/16/2012 From McAfee to my email.......................





      Message was edited by: shotguntech    Unable to connect to the internet after a recent McAfee update          Hide Details  FROM: McAfee Support    TO: Message flagged   Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:12 AM              Consumer KnowledgeBase  Unable to connect to the internet after a recent McAfee update     Consumer KnowledgeBase ID:      TS101346    Version:      1.0    Status:      Published    Created:      May 07, 2012    Last Modified:      May 09, 2012        Environment   Affected Suites: McAfee AntiVirus Plus McAfee Internet Security Suite McAfee Total Protection  Affected Products: Firewall  Affected Operating Systems: Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP      Summary   A small number of McAfee customers have reported they are unable to access the internet directly after a McAfee product update prompted them to restart their computer.         Cause   This is an emerging issue, and a root cause has not yet been identified.         Workaround 1  McAfee development is working with several customers to identify the cause of this issue and product a solution. Until this issue is resolved, please try the workarounds below in order, as they have been found to resolve the issue for most of our customers affected.   Disable the Bonjour service If you have installed Apple iTunes in the past, you will have the Bonjour service loading each time Windows starts.1.Click the Windows orb and select the Search box.  NOTE: Windows XP users should click Start and select the Run... box.    2.Type services.msc and press Enter. 3.Double-click the Bonjour Service. 4.Click Stop. 5.On the drop-down menu beside Startup type, select Disabled. 6.Click Apply. 7.Restart your computer. If you are now able to access the internet after the restart, you do not need to use any of the additional workarounds listed below.  If you are still unable to access the internet, try repairing your internet connection as shown in the next workaround.  For more information on the Bonjour Service please see https://developer.apple.com/opensource/.      Workaround 2  Reset your network connection1.Click the Windows orb and select the Search box.  NOTE: Windows XP users should click Start and select the Run... box.    2.Type the following command and press Enter:  cmd       3.At the prompt, type the following command and press Enter:  ipconfig /release       4.At the prompt, type the following command and press Enter:  ipconfig /renew  NOTE: This will return internet access, but it must be performed each time you start Windows.  If you would prefer a workaround that does not have to be performed at each start, please reinstall your McAfee Suite without the Firewall module as instructed in the next workaround.     Workaround 3  Reinstall your McAfee suite without the Firewall IMPORTANT: While McAfee does provide the steps to reinstall without the Firewall, we recommend you use this workaround only if the previous workarounds did not allow you to access the internet, or if the Firewall issue described in this article is urgently impacting your ability to perform vital tasks. Installing without a Firewall leaves your computer vulnerable to some threats and is not recommended. 1.Use the steps described in article TS101331 to uninstall your product and run the MCPR tool. 2.Restart your computer. 3.Open a web browser and go to http://home.mcafee.com. 4.If required, log into My Account with your McAfee account credentials. 5.On the Device Protection tab, select the McAfee Security suite you want to install on this computer. 6.Click Download. 7.Follow the on-screen instructions to install your product. When prompted, select Custom Install and deselect (uncheck) the Firewall. 8.After installation completes, restart your computer.   Related Information   McAfee apologizes for the inconvenience this issue may cause, and we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please bookmark this article, as updates and details will be added as they emerge.          Reply to:   Reply to McAfee Support   Send   on 5/16/12 9:38:41 AM CDT


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