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    Advertising in a PAID FOR product...





      Please read these three threads, and note the dates they were made. Why is McAfee, still, over two years later, still using their customers like they're dumb bags of meat to be exploited and harvested for their money.

      If you have a PAID FOR PRODUCT, and you still decide to put advertisements, extremely intrusive, unavoidable advertisements in it to your product to make more money, THAT IS EXTREMELY UNETHICAL. It's good to know this company has NO MORAL CORE whatsoever, but I don't know why I'd be expected to give you evil bastards money when you obviously don't care about doing business the RIGHT WAY, the way I WANT IT TO BE DONE.


      So why is it over 2 years after these above mentioned threads and McAfee has done nothing to remove their intrusive advertisements from their paid-for software on MY computer? Hmm, might be because they stand to make money off it. But I guess us stupid, idiotic consumers will just get used to it, right? Except I have a 3 user ESET (An ACTUAL company, with actual people who work there, with actual morals and actual souls and they have actual brains so they don't listen to their actually-dumb-as-dirt marketing department when it comes to what features to add into their software) Smart Security license that I can easily switch to and have been looking for an excuse to do so. Thanks for giving me that excuse, McAfee, by being heartless marketing automatrons who don't know what they're doing being in charge of a company.


      Just a little reminder of what McAfee REALLY thinks of their paying customers:


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          Neither of those are McAfee owned software but are marketed by Winferno, who have a sales agreement with McAfee.  If you purchased the software through Winferno then it is actually they that are doing this.


          I have Total Protection purchased directly from McAfee.com and haven't seen any such ads in years.


          One or two of those links you posted are actually for different kind of popups but one is the same and in fact I don't feel that Winferno should be advertising their products under a McAfee banner.


          I'll ask the powers that be regarding that and get back to you.






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            Agreed. I've never seen one of those pop-ups either.


            Whatever arrangement Winferno has got with McAfee to sell its products, it should not be hawking its own products under McAfee's heading. The screenshot clearly shows that this is nothing to do with McAfee.

            Registry Power Cleaner.png


            Winferno is somewhat controversial. Some people don't like its products, and so say so forcefully. The company has a poor reputation on WOT and it had a number of hostile SiteAdvisor reviews. I won't say anything against its products because I've had no exposure to them. I just don't like its marketing tactics.

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              I tried approaching my support contact myself over this but they are busy with other issues so I have made this a topic for our next conference call with McAfee.  That wont happen until a week next Monday due to an intervening bank holiday, but I will let you know what is said.   I suspect that Winferno has some sort of ironclad contract with McAfee sales which may be difficult to renegotiate, assuming we can persuade the powers that be to even consider that.  From past experience support have had problems getting the sales and marketing departments to listen, so I don't want to promise anything.

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                OK the issue has been passed on to Marketing.  Whether or not they listen of course is another matter.