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    Firewall freezes up my computer


      My computer has been freequently getting very slow and freezing up for several minutes at a time as I try to watch video, such as the Daily Show.  It will then run for about 30 seconds and then freeze again. 


      I checked the Task Manager, and McSvHost.exe was almost always using a lot of resources and really racking up the page faults.  So I tried disabling various parts of McAfee and found that if I disabled the Firewall, then the video would start running normally.  So I assume that something about the Firewall is using some limited resource.  It can take a while to turn off the firewall since the computer is quit slow on most thngs, not just video.


      I have always felt that McAfee was slowing down my comuter but this extreme problem is relatively new and may be related to a recent update. 


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.