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    Computer will not stay in sleep mode/stand-by

      I just purchased McAfee Total Protection, downloaded it and installed it on my desktop computer:

      HP Model m8200n

      Processor AMD Athlon (tm) 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.00 GHz

      RAM 3.00

      System Type 32-bit OS


      I use a high speed internet connection and Internet Explorer 8.



      Since I installed McAfee I cannot put my computer in sleep mode / stand-by. It will just come right back on again.

      It doesn't matter how many times I try to put it to sleep, it's like a newborn--it just won't stay asleep!


      Is there some way to fix this problem? I use sleep mode ALL the time so this is definitely putting a kink in my habits.


      Hope someone has some answers. Thanks.

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          You've got IE8 and you refer to 'Sleep Mode' rather than 'Standby', so I guess you've got Vista?


          One thing you can try is to open a DOS Command window (Run-->cmd) - if you can do that in Vista - and enter the following line :

            powercfg -devicequery wake_armed


          That will then show you a list of devices with "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" enabled. You can then disable it for each in Device Manager if you so wish.


          The advice from Microsoft for this problem as it applies to XP is probably worth passing on, since it's fairly generic :

          If the computer is running outdated device driver files, they may not support power management and they may cause incompatibility problems. This behavior prevents a computer from entering or resuming from hibernation and standby. Drivers are the primary causes of hibernation and standby issues.


          And the problem is discussed in an article specifically discussing problems with sleep mode in Vista on HP and Compaq desktop PCs on the HP technical support pages HERE. That article might be useful.


          If you still have the problem after trying any fixes in the above article then come back and let us know. It may be that McAfee is checking for updates, or there is something that requests your machine to wake up : I've seen it happen occasionally, but not as often as you seem to say it happens to you. Perhaps there's something in Security Center that can be changed.


          See also

          http://forums.cnet.com/7723-6122_102-502907/hp-pavilion-with-vista-will-not-stay -in-sleep-mode/



          I hope I was right about this being Vista. Win7 is something else again :-)



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          a list of devices with "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" enabled. You can then disable it for each in Device Manager.


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            Thanks for your reply, Hayton.


            Yes, I have Windows Vista Home Premium--sorry, I meant to write that in my specs and completely forgot!


            I followed your links and read through it all and tried several things but it still does not stay in sleep mode.


            The only thing I didn't try was the DOS command you suggested.


            First of all, I'm not too sure how to do that, and second, I'm not sure *I'm* the one who *should* be doing that. I can find my way around a computer pretty well, but I'm certainly no computer genius and if I started playing with DOS commands I think that might just be a crash course to destruction!

            Any other suggestions? or should I just change my habit of putting the computer to sleep and work around the situation?


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              The command in the DOS window just queries the system, it doesn't change anything. I ran it myself as a test and it shows just two items (below).

              powercfg devicequery 1.JPG


              You could also try  "powercfg -lastwake" :


              Reports information about the event that woke the computer from the last sleep transition.


              and "powercfg -a" :




              Reports the sleep states available on the computer. Attempts to report reasons why sleep states are unavailable.


              There's a whole lot more information in the Microsoft Technet Library on powercfg for Vista at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc748940(v=ws.10)


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                Thanks again for your tips, Hayton.


                I was able to do the query command in DOS as you previously suggested. Here's what it told me:


                So, I'm glad to have figured out how to get this info...but now I don't really know what it's telling me.


                I don't see McAfee listed there (unless it's in other terms). But all I know is that I've never had a problem with sleep mode until I installed McAfee.


                Does this pic tell you anything?


                Thanks again.