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    NSP 7-MVM 7.0 Integration - Scan on Demand


      Hi fellows,

      I configured the integration of NSP and MVM. Everything is working fine but I think I've found a minor failure:


      1) Scan "test" was configured on MVM and it succesfully ran at least once.

      2) On target definition of scan "test" a host target was declared by its Netbios hostname.

      3) Scan "test" was added on NSM - Integration=>Vulnerability Manager=>Scans

      4) From Threat Analyzer I found an alert where destination IP address is the host defined in the scan "test"

      5) I issued an "on demand scan" to destination IP address from Threat Analyzer.

      6) A message appeared saying no scan is defined with that IP address and the default scan will be applied.


      In step 2 if I declare the host by its IP address instead of its Netbios hostname, in step 6 the message that appeared is that a scan with that IP address was found and it will be applied.


      I think this behavior could be a bug, what do you think about it?