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    McAfee removal tool error

      i have ran the mcafee removal knowing that there are registry left on ym computer. so i run the removal tool, and it said that some files could not be deleted, so i restarted my desktop and ran it again but this time it said there was another mcafee removal tool running. so i deleted the removal tool and download it again and the same message appears. i know it is not running in the background because i typed in the run bar (in the strat menu) tasks and there was no mcafee removal tool.


      what do i do????????

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          Peter M

          Moved from Community Interface Help to SecurityCenter for better attention.


          Look in Task Manager for McAfee tasks and use 'End Process'.  Task Manager can be summoned by right-clicking the bottom toolbar on your desktop and selecting it.   It obviously didn't finish properly and is still trying to run.


          If Vista or Windows 7 click the bar at the bottom, go to the Processes tab and click 'Show Processes from all Users' - it will redisplay.


          Make sure you are using the correct MCPR and always reboot immediately it finishes -  if using regular products then always use a fresh download of it from here:  MCPR (for beta products there is a different one, but you most likely aren't using those).


          Save it to your desktop, and then right-click it, select Properties and unblock it if blocked.


          It can also be run in Safe Mode if necessary.


          Any more issues using it or if it fails repeatedly contact Technical Support, it's a free phone call or you can use the online chat, also free.


          Linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            yes i have tried all of them (thanks for replying) but i am expected a call from the mcafee lvl2 tier support people on this issue (but again thanks for replying.

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              Peter M

              That's good then, hopefully they will sort it out for you.   I'm assuming it's home products you are trying to remove.  If any questions don't hesitate to ask.