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    Strange error when installing Patch 1 for VSE 8.7i

      Hi All,

      Just wondering if someone can lend a hand here...

      I am rolling out the mandatory patch to our environment, and it has worked fine for the majority of desktops... but there seems to be a strange issue with the odd PC that refuses to install.

      I get the following error as it tries to finalise the last part of the installation.

      "Error 1334.
      The file "Global_VC_CPPRT60_F0.51D569E3_8A28_11D2_B962_006097C4DE24" cannot be installed becuase the file cannot be found in cabinet file "PCW_CAB_Family01".
      This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM or a problem with this package."

      Tried basic things, like downloading the patch again, rebooting etc...

      Any help would be great.