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    Redeploy agent



      We have issues that some end users uninstall completely the McAfee Agent & VSE without our knowledge. The ePO is 4.6 & VSE 8.8. Although we have client task assignment to install McAfee agent & VSE, scheduled every day, it did not reinstall/redeploy the McAfee agent & VSE. I guess this is because ePO "thinks" that the clients are still shown as managed, only not reporting back for a while.



      - how can we identify those computers without McAfee agent & VSE?

      - ultimately, how do we get ePO to automatically reinstall/redeploy the McAfee agent & VSE automatically?


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          Hemant Koli

          Hello Andreasjan.


          "McAfee Rogue System Detection" will help you, And it will be the right Answer for your both Questions.

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            If the users are capable of completely uninstalling the agent then the deployment task will be expected ot fail - it's purpose is to upgrade an agent rather than push it out new.

            This is because nothing is 'listening' on the far end anymore as the existing agent has been removed. You can redeploy any product - so long as there is a running agent at the far end, but the agent itself is an exception to that rule.


            Bear in mind that you can configure ViruScan to prevent the termination of McAfee services, then you can lock down the VirusScan interface further with a password so that can't be changed.


            Still, with local adminstrator rights you can't stop a user uninstalling things if they are really determined - the best form of management then is physical, i.e. an IT policy with disciplinary consequences if mandatory software is removed without permission.


            Otherwise rogue System Detetion is the way to remediate this in ePO as suggested.