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    64Bit VSE8.5

      Dumb question time, is there a different installation package for VSE8.5 for 64BIT Systems?

      I have just been using the same package, it works ok, and shows 64 bit engine version.

      Is there anything I missed here?

      (getting some issues on 64bit servers, not sure if it's even McAfee related at this point)
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          rhythm_methods - In my experience the only difference between 32bit and 64bit VSE is the inclusion of the 64 bit Engine - the software package should load up just like any other 32bit app on the 64bit OS (ie in the Program Files X86 directory).
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            Thanks mate, I kind of already knew the answer to this (gee its annoying when you have to make such dumb posts happy ) but due to some issues on 64 bit servers I just wanted to make sure....

            I have only ever seen one version posted on my products, and in the notes for those it does say it supports 64 bit, but I just wanted to make sure there is no 64 bit only installation package or something like that, which I was missing somehow, ya never know.

            I called McAfee just now (for another reason) so asked them when I was on the line.

            The guy confirmed that there is only 1 installation package available for both 32 and 64 bit systems.