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    EPO 4.5 and Agent Handler with Patch 4  question




      Seperate ePO 4.5 1082

      Separate AH 4.5 1082

      Separate SQL server


      We have ePO 4.5 patch 4and AH with the same patch applied, all are working fine until such time someone from the system department changed the SQL SA password.


      On the ePO server, we tried to renew the password in core/config parameter and it was successful upon hitting the Test connection but when we apply the new password and had rebooted the server or restart the services several times, seems to be it doesn't save the new settings.

      Upon comparing the db.properties encrypt password seem it was changes. Additionaly we disable the VSE8.8 on the server to make sure that this will not be a issue, Any idea if this is a common issuein Patch4? or how to resolve this?


      On the AH with Patch 4, How can we re-install the AH without removing the old? im afraid that it will affect the+10k nodes which are reporting to this AH, i only need to update the password to communicate to the DB server again.


      Thanks in advance!