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    Epo 4.0 Sp4 Agents not registering

      We have Epolicy Enterprise Server Deployed.
      Version 4.0 Sp4
      Windows 2003 Patches up to date
      We are having issues with machines not calling home and registering in the Epolicy database.
      We have deployed agent wakeups, Duplicate GUID remover.
      All needed ports are open.
      They have 8.0 or higher.
      You can even run the update, it will update the DAT, but not pull the newer agent of Epol.
      Does anyone have a foolproof way to uninstall the Antivirus and Framework, then reinstall, and get the machine properly registering?
      Does anyone have a way to force them.
      We really need to get this fixed.
      Are there any logs we can check to see what is going on with these machines.
      Less than half our machines are reporting.
        • 1. RE: Epo 4.0 Sp4 Agents not registering
          I don't understand your problem.

          I't mean clients just up to date, but in ePO don't display correct? or U can not show Agent log from remote?

          If Agent can not connect to ePO. please try telnet IP_EPO port_communication. I saw some time some appliance intercept connection between clients/ePO.
          • 2. EOP Client issue
            For example:
            5000 8.0 Clients
            2500 8.5 Clients

            2000 Showing in EPO Compliance summary
            1500 Compliant
            500 NonCompliant

            2000 items in the system tree

            Just trying to get the other systems to report.
            We pushed out the duplicate GUID reg. patch

            Do we need to send a wake up call?
            Tried that once, maybe doing something wrong.