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    RTS disabled when not connected to LAN

      Hi  guys,

      Have a really wierd issue here with 1 user only.

      Reloaded laptop with Win7 X64, deployed VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.7.0i to his laptop. All was sweet....
      User went offsite and works from home.

      He logs into laptop from anywhere that is not one of our branches and RTS is disabled. If he logs in from any of our site offices using a NIC then RTS enables and all peachy.

      Issue i have is our firewall is coonfigured to interigate the PC and confirm RTS enabled and up to date, if not VPN access is denied.


      I reloaded this laptop yesterday and deployed McAfee to the PC and the same thing is happening.

      Here is the kicker, its only him, and we have around 1000 users with laptops and they do not have this issue.


      I have tried the cmd fix to enable AV, this works for a few days, but then the user has to go into 1 of our site office in order for me to connect and re-run the fix.

      ANY help or pointers in the right direction would nice.