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    EMM iOS profile with Wi-Fi HTTP proxy settings?


      we have just successfully deployed a profile for our iphone and ipad users using EAP-TLS with PKI agent autoenrollment on behalf of the users.

      So, the devices can join the corporate wifi with no problems.


      The problem is I can't seem to be able to push out HTTP proxy settings for the Wi-Fi profile. Is this supported by EMM version 9.6?





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          Just looking at the product guide I don't beleive it is possible with 9.6.  To be sure, take a look at the attached screenshot, does your wifi profile have the proxy configuration field?  If not I think you're out of luck.


          Have you thought about upgrading to 10?  9.6's MDM profiles are really intended for iOS 4 so there is quite a bit of extended functionality in 10.

          Otherwise, have you considered pushing a on demand VPN profile and pipe that through your proxy?


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            Mat is right.

            Use latest 10.1.* version. It`s upgrading without any efforts.

            EMM is the stuff that I can surely say next build is better than previous. (at this time)

            BUT backup is required if it`s production infrastructure subsystem.


            And as far as I remember - Proxy settings for Wi-Fi profiles work only on iOS5.*

            Please check. I can`t, because I don`t have many of iOS devices, none of them are personal or for testing purposes, no proxy is used in corporate, and, finally, all of iOS devices I can reach are iOS 5.* which are surely supported if there`s no bug there. :-)


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              Hmm. . .looks like 10.1 still doesn't support Wi-Fi with proxy, at least not according to the 10.1 Product Guide ;-(