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    ePO 4.5 compliance report issues + duplicate entries in generated reports

      Hi everyone,


           I am kind of new around here so please bear with me. I hope I am posting this to the right location. If not, just someone please point me to the right direction. Thank you very much.

           My 2 problems are as follows:

                   1.  I have in my care, an ePO 4.5 Server installation, with over 14K of end points to manage. The systems have VSE 8.7 deployed, and some of them have HIPS. We have several scheduled reports going out on a daily basis. One of these reports, is a "compliance report" based  on a criteria formed of three elements: Product Version (Agent) , DAT Version (VirusScan Enterprise) , and Product Version (VirusScan Enterprise). The report has two sections: compliant systems and non-compliant systems.

                     Everything went normal, until almost 3 weeks ago, when all of the sudden, systems that are compliant according to the setup up criteria, started to show up in the "non-compliant" section of the report also. This would be my first problem.

                    2.  My second problem it is somehow related  with the first one. The generated reports started to show up multiple entries, as in 2, 3, or even 4 entries of the same system. This is happening for hundreds of systems on a random pattern it seems. For clarity, I have inserted below a capture from a recent generated report. I have edited the data for privacy purposes, replacing some characters with X`s.


           Each and every additional entry in the report, add itself to the systems total at the end. In this way the final results are not correct and not reliable.


           I would really appreciate any help in this case, even a small advice or a pointer to the right direction. Thank you very much in advance.


      Best regards