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    Decrypt button greyed out



      I've got a disk encrypted by SafeBoot. I'm currently using WinTech to decrypt the disk. I've already keyed in the Authorisation Code. I don't see any Decrypt Disk option. Or do I need to fix the MBR first?


      Help needed. Thank you!

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          You're not authenticate..


          Check if your disk ifnoramtion ok and  names mapped in SBFS you can authenticate using SBFS -(inforamtion that stired locally from hardisk)

          if not then you need to authenticate using Database or SBD file.. basically export machine profile from Endpoint  Encryption Manager and used it for Database authentciate..


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            Export the SDB file of the machines from the server, copy it on a pen drive, boot the machine with Wintech CD along with the Pen drive, Authorise and Authenticate with the Safetec Code and SDB file and then you will be able to decryption.


            Hope this helps.


            Do let me know in case of queries or further information required.



            Hardik  Kothari

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              Thank you Hardik!


              I will try it out!