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    Guidance needed - Restoring (unencrypted) backup - how to correct EpePC has been corrupted error?

      Ok, long story short.  Issue with drive.  Swaped in a new drive and restored a partition backup (not a raw image).  The backup is complete, but since it was created from the user side, the content is now not encrypted.  Alas, when attempting to boot, we get everyones favorite error, EPEPC has been corrupted [error 92h]. Booting from a rescue disk verifies that the files in the partition are not encrypted, so the problem is just how to correct and/or reset the error so we can boot and then restart the encryption protection. Our local site support is not clear on this, and simply wants to reimage the drive to stock, then reload user data directly from backup.  But, this will lose all configuration data, additional programs installed, etc.


      Can someone provide a quick guide on how to reset this? Using Endpoint Encryption for PC v6.  Site support has already received the code of the day (for the next few days) and the xml file at this point.  Any pointers, suggestions, weblinks, etc would be greatly appreciated


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