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    Problems with VSE 8.7i and ePO Server 4.0 Rules

      Hey Folks

      I have imported the new VSE Version 8.7i to my ePO Server 4.0 Patch4. Now i can serve my Clients with the new Version, it installs the new Version correctly on my Clients.
      But I see no Rules for this Version of VSE in my ePO Server.
      under Systems > Guidlines (don't know if Guidlines is the right translation, i'm using the german version :))null > Products: - I see just the VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0 nothing like 8.7.0 :(

      So I can't create some Rules for my VSE Clients like I did it with Version 8.5i :eek:

      Does anybody have an Idea whats the Problem? I use the ePO Agent 3.6.0.
      Now under "Dashboards" almost any Server is "not conform".

      Thanks for any Answer!

      Cheers Chris