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    Extra user added in to default Laptops group

      MEE version


      I have a main group that I hold my laptops in. In the User properties of that group, It has default user groups (that contain admin people) that are added to each new machine object that is created.


      Someone added in a single user name to that default group. (in the Properties of the machine group, then in the "Users" fielda single user was added. Now every laptop has an extra user attached to it. I only want one user on each laptop to have that extra security. We do not have pre Windows login authentication enabled.


      I have removed that user so when new machines are created, that user is not automatically added.


      But what to do about the rest of the machines? I was hoping on their next sync, that user would be removed. But I haven't seen that yet. I can't reset the group configuration, then the actual valid user on each system will be lost. Any ideas?