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    NSM Stuck at Loading


      Hi All,


      Just upgraded to 7.0 for NSM and everything was working fine until I had to reboot the manager...


      No all I get is:


      "Network Security Manager is currently loading, and its user interface will be available shortly. Please wait several minutes and try again."


      All services are started and the sensor is still up.  Just curious if anyone has seen this before.


      Manager is on Win 2008 R2 SP1.



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          Hello Plingmen,


          This is a normal behavior when the NSM is still being loaded, it might take several minutes so the NSM can be ready for the login. I'd check task manager and then organize it by memory usage. You should note that the java process is still increasing in terms of mem usage. When you see that java mem usage is not increasing you should be able to login successfully.




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            It's actually been up for 3-4 hours.  I might try to update java I guess, n ot sure what else to try.

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              It actually looks like the Manager service keeps dying... watchdog doesn't provide any insight either... sigh...

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                Do you see any error? Does EMS.LOG show anything interesting? Also please, check https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB74004&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1336418154929 .




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                  emsout.log is the log file that will provide errors relevant to startup.  It will be in the app directory.


                  Some possible causes of the NSM not starting are:  not able to get a port or IP bind, the mysql service not listening, manager installation corruption.


                  Check for a static IP definition as Bruno mentioned.  It will be defined in tms.bat (open with notepad or wordpad and search for SNMP).  If there is a static definition in there you should comment it out with "REM" at the begining of the line. 

                  A static entry should not be necessary unless you have a very unusual requirement.  Check both IPv4 and IPv6.


                  Otherwise, confirm there are no other applications blocking or using the NSM ports (8501-8504 and 8555).  There will be errors about this in emsout.log.

                  Uninstall any unnessary programs and try disabling windows firewall.


                  If this still doesn't resolve the issue, re-running the installer over the top with the same version will fix any problems it finds. 


                  I recommend opening a ticket with support if you still have problems after this.

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                    FYI: I have the same problem

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                      I have a problem I like and I'm desperate, I've tried everything already.

                      the emsout.log tells me this:
                      27/06/2013 19:35:58,898 DatabaseURL: jdbc: mysql :/ / localhost: 3306/lf
                      Shutting down 19:36:00,054 EMS 06/27/2013 Application ...
                      EMS 19:36:11,039 06/27/2013 Starting Application
                      Setting 19:36:11,039 6/27/2013 Checks Level to STRICT
                      27/06/2013 19:36:11,101 Encoded password is used




                      It stays on that page and then does not advance, look attachment

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                        I had a similar Issue when trying to install or something and finally figured out that the issue was with the OS version of windows server. you have to have the exact configs. specially the Service packs nd stuff.

                        hopes this helps



                        Rukmal Fernando.

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                          Do the following:


                          1. Stop NSM services that are running - leaving the database service up.

                          2. Open a command prompt in the NSM appliacation folder\bin

                                Edit the command window settings to keep 9999 # of lines.

                          3. type tms.bat and press enter.


                          This will log a verbose start-up for the NSM services.

                          After 3 or 4 minutes.. copy/paste the contents of the command prompt into a text file and post it here.


                          There is a good chance that we'll be able to determine the cause from that log.

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