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    HIPS Blocking ADP Pay Statement PDFs

      I wanted to document a HIPS issue (and the resolution) with the pay website my company, and many others use: ADP.


      After weeks a research I discovered the settings that appear to be blocking the ability of users to view their pay statements online.


      If the HIPS reaction level is set to "Prevent" for "Medium" severity events, this will present an ADP portal or iPay user with a "red X" where their iPay statement should be. This appears, at first, to be a problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader. However after weeks of testing, this turned out not to be the case. It is one or both of the following IPS engines blocking the PDF from opening inside the browser: "Host IPS API" and/or "Files".


      You can access these engines here: Product -> Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0:General -> My Default (Client UI) -> Troubleshooting -> Enable IPS engines:

      Disable both "Host IPS API" and "Files" and you will be able to view your pay statement (after checking for new policies on the McAfee agent).


      Alternatively, (and perhaps the better option) you can leave all engines enabled and simply change the reaction for medium severity events to either "Log" or "Ignore".

      You can access these settings here: Product -> Host Intrustion Prevention 8.0:IPS -> My Default (IPS Protection) -> Reaction



      I hope this saves someone some time and effort!