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    Webreporter, how to create a report by ports? (Beyond https,http and ftp)


      Hi, its there a way i can create a ports report of my allowed ports rule in the webgateway? Example, i open port x in the webgateway and i want to see who is going through port x using the webreporter report. Thanks.

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          actually, the method doesn't automatically mean port 443,80, 21/22, etc.  Web Reporter is getting the method in the request.  I would suppose the URL would contain the port for non standard ports if they were made in the request explicitly, but I would not expect that to always be true either.


          Best way would be to log the server port number in a new column in the log, then on your log source in Web Reporter, map that column to a user-defined column.  The Web Gateway 7 property is called URL.Port. You can make the header anything you want as long as it is alphabetical/underscore only.  I suggest url_port.  Then use the same value on the log source in the free imput header box.


          Be careful because if you make a mistake modifying the log structure you may not be able to import those files.  It's easy to make mistakes since the header and log body are edited separately.  You need to make sure there is a space between all columns, so if you are adding url_port to the end of the file, in the logging rule, make sure there is a space included.


          Let me know if that isn't clear enough.