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    v10.0.1 Policy


      May I know how to use the following features in Policy. I could not discover any change on iphone and ipad 5.1 after activated and changed the value.



      Lock the device after n minutes of inactivity



      Control Roaming - Data and Voice


      Thank you!



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          On the password policy, you would expect that setting to effect the Setting\General\Auto-Lock and Settings\General\Passcode Lock\Require Passcode After settings.  There is currently a bug which mcafee knows about that makes this settings only effect the Settings\General\Passcode Lock\Require Passcode After setting which means that IF you lock your phone it will require a passcode but users still have the ability to turn off auto-lock which defetes the purpose.  We wrote into our company policy that the device autolock feature must be enabled as a backup for when bugs like this happen.


          Control Roaming:  Should disable roaming for voice or data respectively... If you didn't leave the country with your phone you would not have noticed a change.

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            Many thanks Mat!


            Your answer is very details! But there is still nothing changing on my IPAD of the password setting follow your indication. Hope there can be fix on next version!


            Thanks your advance on Roaming setting!