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    Real-Time Scanning Slows Performance of Windows .bat/.cmd Files

      I have a .cmd script running on Windows 7(64-bit) that executes over 20x slower when real-time scanning is on.

      On an older machine running XP there is an insignificant difference. As a result I wish to find out if

      this difference is due to how McShield interacts with Windows 7 as opposed to XP or

      whether it may just be a problem with how my Windows 7 and McAfee are configured.


      As a result I have written a small command script that displays the start time then loops 1000x

      setting a variable value, and when finished displays the final variable value and finish time.

      I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with with  a Windows 7, preferrably a 64-bit, system

      could execute the attached script (TimeTest.cmd) with real-time scanning on and then with real-time scanning off

      and either confirm or refute the difference in execution times.


      On my systen without scanning execution is around 0.75s but with scanning it is around 18s.