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    Solidcore on servers


      Can anybody answer me about solidcore on servers - there is a problem with servers or it's okay to use solidcore?

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          It's designed specifically for servers ;-)

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            Thank you, I didn't know that (:

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              Oh yes. It is very common for customers to look at this for servers. If Solidcore has a "hard part" it is answering the question: "How do I update this device?" If you can answer that question, it is actually quite easy to implement. Although there are a ton of ways you can do it, there are three common methods we put into production:


              • Trusted Updater by executable (SCCM, Tivoli, Big Fix, McAfee Agent, LAN Desk, <insert software deployment tool)
              • Trusted Execution by certificate (Oracle, VMware, or other vendors that we commonly run but do NOT have issues with viruses. You can't use the certificate for Adobe Acrobat or Quick Time or Firefox as an updater. That defeats the whole purpose.)
              • Trusted Directory (Every company has that locked down directory where all the software is stored. Of course you want to be careful putting files here but this is another great method.)


              As always GTI is there as a backstop against the wrong thing slipping in. And Observation mode is useful as a type of "spell check" to answer the question: Did I miss an updater?


              The long term benefit here is this: No updates, Small foot print (10-12MB), No scans. Other than some minor monitoring, it is very hands-off once you get it installed. And honestly, after a customer installs this I never hear about it again.  It is as close to a fire-and-forget weapon as you can get in the security realm.

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                Thank you very much!!