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    EEPC 6.1.3 install

      I finally installed EEPC 6.1.3 and currently testing a few workstations running Windows 7 SP1. I used to have 5.x version and learned the importance of having a synchronize option to truly view the synch up process running. Is there a way to show the status of the Synchonization process in 6.1.3?  I have many users in one of our sections and need to know the time it takes to install it on new workstations. Over 300 users will need to be able to login to any given machine..Thank you.

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          Hemant Koli

          Hello Integer10.


          "Is there a way to show the status of the Synchonization process in 6.1.3?"

          Yes, we can view the Sync progess, you need to open "McAfee Endpoint Encryption System Status".

          You i'll able to open this window through---->Right click McAfee Tray Icon("M" Icon) on left side of System Task Bar---->Quick settings--->Show Endpoint Encryption Status.

          For any clarification please feel free to revert.

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            Thank you,

            I was looking for a live synchronization process where users are downloaded to the client local EEPC database. It is important to know the status as some users will be remotely accessing servers via VPN. As some sections have hundreds of users, it could give me a quick view from the beginning of the synchronization process to the end.

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              No, there's no live progress monitor - you need to simply watch the log files.

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                Thank you both..I appreciate the information

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                  I found this useful as well: mfeepehost.exe -status all


                  This will show you the different EEPC events in a command window.


                  When using MfeEpeHost.exe via the command line cd to C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent and run MfeEpeHost.exe -status all.  You will see something simlar to this:




                  WaitingMfeEpeCoreEncryptionPluginActivation started
                  WaitingMfeEpeCoreEncryptionPluginLooking up available encryption providers
                  ReceivedMfeEpeCoreEncryptionPluginLocated encryption provider
                  WaitingMfeEpeCoreEncryptionPlugin   Detecting incompatible products




                  Activation failed: Incompatible products found
                  ErrorEpoPluginUser updates failed