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    HELP... Newbie being hacked????

      Hi, I am not sure if I am posting this in the most appropriate place but am a newbie and hoping for the best.  I thought I would post and see if anyone could help me and resubmit if I find a more appropriate area.


      Has anyone had a red flag McAfee saying that it has been turned off/disabled (but I didn't turn it off) and then all your internet allowance has been used up?  This has been happening for couple of months and despite contacting McAfee to report it I am getting nowhere fast.  The first McAfee tech said it was just a problem with downloads.  The next operator (tonight) directed me here for self help or to pay for removal.  I find that pretty screwed to be honest having already paid McAfee for protection.  It then is inadequate if you then have to pay them to remove what their programme has let through.  My ISP (on wireless) walked me through identifying that I am being hacked by running netstat -a (which showed without browser open more than 25 listening).  McAfee had never run this and didn't want to even look at the screen capture file showing it.  I thought they would be concerned by it and would help me work through sorting it out (not ask for more money of which I don't have right now to get the matter resolved).


      I downloaded some of the free anti malware tools, ran them some showed nothing but Getsusp showed some and I think I managed to submit the results here but not sure.  Now what do I do with that?  Is there any other tools that I need to download  and also run to find out what has infected/hacked my system.  Now HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?  Do I need to also download ALL THE OTHER analysis free tools listed and run them (I could be there a couple of years and still not identify what it is and how to get rid of it).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Peter M

          Moved this to a more appropriate spot.


          The bit about "and then all your Internet allowance has been used up" sounds like you've been hacked and/or someone has access to your router.  I suggest changing all passwords, including Wireless, Windows and BIOS also if possible or applicable and if using a wireless router at all make sure you are using the strongest encryption available for it in its Security settings.


          It's pretty normal for support to steer you to the paid malware removal service, that's called good business, and all the antivirus companies do that.  But there are lots of free ways of tackling things.


          Read this page:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools and in particular the Hijackthis recommendations.    Those forums listed there specialize in this sort of thing and provide help free of charge.

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            Hi Ex Brit,


            Thankyou for the reply.  Sorry to trouble you but being a computer numbnut I am hoping you can give me a little more direction.  Im sure I will mange changing passwords for wireless.  Windows I had already changed them but am hoping that I have done this properly (excuse my ignorance but can this be done for all at once (windows live, hotmail, skydrive, facebook, etc) or each has to be done individually??  I changed them after I received a "your account" has been blocked email.  I also received 2 emails recently from Windows Live Team to give me my security code (which I didn't ask for).  I spent a good part of today trying to find out how to contact them but getting no where here either.


            Changing BIOS passwords?


            I spent a good deal of lastnight and today trying to work through the Anti Spyware/Hacker Tools link but think it will be awhile yet before I manage to work through it all....


            Thanks again.

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              Peter M

              Forget the BIOS password then, that is not too important and not all Bios's allow for password protection in any case.    You have to change any passwords that could have been accessed by anyone as if they were sitting in front of your machine and using it.   Now unless you store them on your machine in plain sight rather than in your head it's unlikely someone got them all but each one should be changed individually.

              Are you sure those emails were genuine?    Were the accounts actually blocked when you tried to access them on the Internet?    There's a lot of spam going around that pretends to be from legitimate sources but isn't.

              Download Hijackthis and post its log on one the of the forums mentioned on that link along with your issues and they will give you good advice.


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