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    Controlled deployment of VS 8.7i to clients with 8.0i

      Hi there,

      Does anyone know a decent method to do a controlled deployment (few clients at a time) of VSE 8.7i via an EPo running v4.0 to clients that are currently running v8.0i.

      Due to various reasons, the old v8.0i Protection Pilot server which currently protects most of the clients wasn't upgraded over the top, so I now have two AV deployment servers.

      I can push out the new agent from the new EPo server without problem using "force over existing agent" setting, but still cant seem to get the vse 8.7i installed without having to deinstall 8.0i and rebooting the client!

      Do I need an aggressive script to remove av from the clients before deployment from the new EPo server?

      Any help will be greatfully rec'd.


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