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    Cannot Remove DAR

      First off let me say; I know nothing about McAffee Endpoint Encryption. I'm doing some government work and they've asked me to see if I can find out more informaiton.


      They are using Data At Rest (DAR) on Dell M6600 laptops. They cannot remove DAR - REMOVE EE grayed out. They also get an error: "FATAL ERROR: INVALID TIMEZONE BIAS." The time zone is set to Pacific Daylight Savings, Los Angeles.


      I've tried Googling, but it just shows information about New Zealand, which is weird.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can try to help these guys out?



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          Peter M

          Moved provisionally from Support Tools to Business > Encryption: ePO Managed for better attention.

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            Do you have the actual product name, as DAR is not something I recognize.


            But, all tech support would have to go through your company helpdesk - they would be the only people who could help you here.

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              DAR is Data At Rest and is part of McAfee Endpoint Encryption.


              This is kind of how the discussion went. I'm on the desktop support team. We ran into a problem on Dell M6600 laptops with Endpoint Encryption. We asked the server people what the problem could be and they said, "I don't know know, Google it." So then they asked me to find out more information. I have no clue however. All I've found so far is a problem with time zones in New Zealand; I'm in California, so I don't see how that could be the issue.


              If I call the helpdesk, they'll put in a ticket and assign it to the Desktop group, which means it will just come back to me.


              Basically, I'm looking at a big black box and people are asking me what's in there.

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                Data At Rest is a concept, it's not a product name unfortunately. McAfee Endpoint Encryption is a catagory, which includes Endpoint Encryption for PCs (EEPC), Enpoint Encryption for File Folder (EEFF) etc.


                I imagine you're refering to EEPC?


                If so, where exactly is the error showing up? Can you get a screen shot? If they are a company, most likely they have a support contract, so perhaps the best bet is just to call the McAfee helpdesk in your country?

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                  Well, shows how much I know. No idea why they want a lowly desktop technition to find out.


                  It's a United States government agency and I'm at an office in California.


                  The error is: ""FATAL ERROR: INVALID TIMEZONE BIAS."


                  I'm sure if they run into this enough they'll just call McAfee. I was just hoping someone had some insight into that error and had fixed it on their own systems, then I could give them any possible solutions they could look at. I found a few things on Google and forwarded it to them.


                  It's not that big of a deal, I'm sure they'll figure it out.

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                    to get help, we need to start with a product and a version - then we can go from there ;-)

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                      I believe they are using McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC versoin 6.0.


                      Here's what I found so far:


                      MacAffee Endpoint Encryption Diagnostics




                      • DARcannot be removed, options grayed out
                      • Error:Invalid timezone bias




                      Timezone Error:

                      • Solution1
                      • This issue is resolved in Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.1. This release is available from the McAfee Downloads site using a valid Grant Number.

                        Patches are cumulative, therefore McAfee recommends that you install the latestone. For information about the latest releases, refer to KB51109.
                      • To download McAfee products, updates, and documentation, visit the Downloads pageat http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.

                        For instructions on downloading, see: KB56057.


                      • Solution2
                      • Ifthe above solution does not resolve this issue, see the following mastertroubleshooting article for other possible solutions to the client remaining inan inactive state.

                        KB68410 - Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.0 client always shows the System State as Inactive (Troubleshooting)


                      • Workaround
                      • Deselect the option Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes.



                      Cannot Remove MaCaffee: REMOVE EE grayed out:

                      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB73634&actp=LIST&showDraf t=false


                      One forum post mentioned a problem with SATA drivers.


                      Not sure what this means:

                      “look in the disk information and get the partition start sector.


                      yes, if it's decrypted you'll see the files without doing anything in a43,and you'll also see the files if the disk information is valid and you supplythe right XML file.


                      If the disk info is invalid though (as it would be if the MBR was damaged),you won't see any files until you decrypt the correct sectors with the correctkey. “


                      POSSIBLE SOLUTION? (https://community.mcafee.com/community/business/data/epoenc/blog/tags/ee)

                      The problem is that Windows 7 PE environments bring the disk online. To resolve the situation, you must bring the disk offline prior to attempting to Remove EE. Please note that this is not required for other operations in EETech, but only for fully decrypting the disk and restoring the MBR (the actionsdone by clicking the Remove EE button). To bring the disk offline, you must useDiskPart. This is available natively in Windows 7 PE, so you simply have tolaunch the Windows command line and enter the following commands (example alsoshown in screenshot below):




                      select disk 0


                      offline disk

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                        If it helps, I found this thread because one of our corporate laptops today was reported with this problem. ePO last saw the computer online three days ago; user reports they came into the office Saturday and it worked then too. This morning, however, is when the issue appeared.


                        It won't boot. Doesn't get further than the message about the Invalid Timezone Bias.


                        The computer according to ePO is using EEAgent and EEPC (State: Active)


                        We used the EETech disk and could emergency boot, but the system Blue Screened before XP finished loading.


                        Our technician on site is going to reimage (reinstall Windows) the computer. Wanted to contribute in case we saw this issue in the future.

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                          We also saw the same error today on a Windows 7 machine.


                          The computer according to ePO is using EEAgent and EEPC (State: Active)


                          We cannot boot.

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