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    McSvHost.exe steals 30-50% of CPU--but only when I run hulu on Chrome

      This is a weird one. I was having trouble running a video on hulu.com thisevening, and it wasn't working. It was stalling then failing. I saw thatMcSvHost.exe was taking up a lot of CPU, burying its needle.


      I had McAfee suddenly start monopolizing the CPU before. Then, I went to live chat support, but I couldn’t remember what they did to fix it, other than that they deleted temp files. So I decided to try live chat support again. They deleted temp files and installed non-essential Windows updates – one of which wouldn’t install – so they said I’d have to talk to their high-level support because they couldn’t fix Windows and gave me their number. I’m not sure I’m going to bother them.


      After more experimentation, I found that the McSvHost.exe file only goes crazy when I run a hulu.com video on Chrome browser. YouTube and Netflix bothrun on Chrome without angering McSvHost, and hulu runs on FireFox without the problem. Weird hu?


      Anyone have any ideas about this? lol What is McSvHost.exe trying to do?