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    Update Master Repository Fails

      Hello all,


      I'm running a single ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6 server. For the last 5 days, my Update Master Repository tasks have been failing with the following error:


      Failed to verify site catalog, no repository public key matches signature.


      I have searched for this error, but have only found one thread, and it refers to a multi server environment where one of the servers couldn't pull FROM the Master Repository. My problem is that the Master Repository can't pull from McAfeeHTTP (or McAfeeFTP).


      I was running ePo 4.6.1, so this morning I upgraded to ePo 4.6.2, hoping that it might sort itself out, but the task still fails with the same error (see the attached screenshot).


      Is there a way to import the appropriate public key?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Found the answer: I went into the Master Repository (Menu - Software - Master Repository), then clicked 'Pull Now' at the bottom of the page and received a different error:


          Failed to load SiteStat.xml


          Which led me to the following thread:




          The original poster in that thread states in the 20th post that he found the problem was his iPrism webfilter. We switched to an iPrism two months ago, and it hadn't required any configuration changes to allow updates. Until last week apparently. The iPrism includes a subscription to a black/white lists which rates websites as acceptable/objectionable, and to a lesser extent, safe/risky. I can only assume that their rating of the McAfee update site changed last week.


          The solution was to add an exception for our ePo server.

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            That's good information - thanks for posting it


            Regards -