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    Internet does not work after last Mcafee update


      like many people (https://community.mcafee.com/thread/28074?start=80&tstart=0), I have problem after the last Mcafee udate (2nd, May, 2012).

      I think that a new thread has to be opened.


      This is the issue:


      My PC & network is

      - Acer 5920g

      - Windows Vista Home edition

      - I have 2 Mcafee license for 2 PC (name PCCASA & PCCASA2)

      - Lan network

      - Modem router Netgear DGN2200

      - swith SITECOM.

      In 3 year, This is the first time that my home network has problems.


      I show the problem


      1) on 2nd, May 2012, In The PC=PCCASA I have made the download and installation of the last Mcafee update.

      2) I have re-started the PCCASA, as mcafee said.

      3) After the restart, the internet does not work in the PCCASA.

      4) In PCCASA2, where NO update of the mcafee was done, NO PROBLEMS have been seen.

      5) in PCCASA, where the Internet does not work, I have seen two network based on the same LAN Card with the same MAC address: it is impossible for the router to assign a IP adress. The results is: no internet for PCCASA.

      6) The only way to make the internet start is to disable and after enable the LAN card. In this way one network disappear and it is possible for the router to assign an IP adress.


      This is due to the Mcafee update.




      I have formated the PCCASA with ghost image (Norton gost Image) of the PCCASA done on 30th April 2012: I bring back the PCCASA in the situation of two day before the Mcafee update download.

      When the Mcafee have downloaded the updated version, the internet does not work for the same reason (two network in the same lan card...)  and I have to disable & enable the card to make the internet work.

      I have done this procedure download Mcafee last version & re-install the PCCASA with HDD ghost image 3 times: Always the same result.

      Mcafee last version make a mess!


      Please help me


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