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    ePo 4.6 - Correct order for changing IP address and hostname of ePo Server 4.6?

      Hello all.....This if my first time on the McAfee community so i'm hoping someone can help me with this


      With only a days training from McAfee I have setup from scratch an ePO 4.6 Server (Database on the same box) and SuperAgent, I have all the relavant policies setup and 20 test clients updating correctly via the Agent 4.6 that is installed on the clients, so far so good.


      I have just been informed that we are going to have to rename the ePO server and change its IP Address due to a Data Centre change.


      I have looked into this somewhat and believe that Agents should initially look to the IP Address of the ePO for updates, failing that they look to the hostname of the ePO.


      So my questions are:




      • What's best to change first - the IP address or the Hostname of the ePO?


      • Should the above be changed at separate intervals?


      • What changes will need to be made to the SuperAgent in light of the above?




      Many thanks in advance


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