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    Data Recovery

      I am not able to recover the data even after performing Force decryption. Below are the steps which I followed


      1) E-boot had been performed using wrong SDB file before after that while booting error in loading the OS is coming

      2) Then we find out correct SDB file and then we have performed force decryption on cloned hdd which suceeded for C:\ data but d:\ data was not recovered using the correct sdb file. I tried force decryption process twise on cloned hdd still the data is not recovered.


      Please help me out.

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          Is d a drive or partition?


          You should have just done an eboot with the right sdb to solve the problem, or at least done a normal decryption.


          Force decryption has no safeguards, so you have double decrypted some sectors now, you need to undo this operation (I hope you wrote down the sector range?) or start again with a clean image.


          It's worth checking of course that d is indeed encrypted, and that you have the right key for it.

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            d is a partition & force decryption had been performed on cloned hdd only. Original is as it is.


            Initially the key was wrong but after finding correct key we recovered the data of C:\ drive. PFA for d:\ sector info.Sector Info.png

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              Any Suggesion ?

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                just force decrypt the partition with the correct key, if indeed it's fully encrypted?


                If not, then you'll have to work out where the encryption finished.

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                  I asume that youre already force decrypt eith wrong key later you realize it and found a correct key


                  if you're sure that you're already force decrypt with wrong key.. what you need to do before force decrypt with correct key is to reverse back the first mistake you've done.. by force encrypt it with the wrong key that been using for force encrypt.. after you've reverse it.. Then only force decrypt it with the correct key..



                  Tips : Use workspace to check the disk conditions..