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    VSE 8.5.0i kill mailer The Bat 4.1.11, W32/IRCbot.gen.z

      Hi, I have a problem with a conflict between VSE 8.5.0i (engine (32bit) 5301.4018 plus DAT version 5622 from May 21) and e-mail client The Bat v.4.1.11 (produced by Ritlabs http://www.ritlabs.com/en/products/thebat/)

      This e-mail program was detected as infected by W32/IRCbot.gen.z after last update of VSE DAT.
      Just because this situation happened for different cases:
      1. fresh downloaded and installed The Bat
      2. "old" installation: more than 4 months of usage of program
      as I know, this W32 virus was reported just a few days ago only and I suppose that this is a big mistake with a common part of signature of virus and normal application.
      Do I have any chance to solve this issue, thanks?