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    Two firewalls better?

      I installed the basic one check antivirus with my install because I already had McAfee Site Advisor installed and was okay with Windows firewall. After a power reset McAfee installed itsell again and I got the works including their firewall. I see my Windows firewall is still on and suspect they both are. Are two firewalls twice as good as one?

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          I saw another post where someone was advised to turn off their Windows firewall. I tried this and McAfee's security reported insecure until it was turned on again. My Services do show McAfee's firewall started and running.

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            You should only use one firewall as they will clash and cause you potential problems. If you have McAfee software installed such as Total Protection or Internet Security Suite then the software will include the McAfee firewall. If you only have a product such as McAfee Antivirus then there will be no firewall in the software package so it would be OK to use the windows firewall.

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              Mine is called SecurityCenter, though it shows a McAfee firewall in Services. I suspect it is alright the way McAfee sees it but the second complete install threw me off.

              Thanks for your prompt reply.


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                It seems to now depend on the operating system you are using as to whether ot not the installation of McAfee's Personal Firewall turns Windows Firewall off or not.   In my system I notice lately that both are on in Control Panel/Security.  The items in Services.msc should not be altered.  I wouldn't worry too much about it as long as McAfee SecurityCenter says you are protected.

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                  Thanks Ex, I feel the same way.

                  It just made me wonder when it installed twice.

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                    That puzzles me too.  If you have doubts contact Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                      I assume you have malwarebytes installed and that or another malware program  such as spybot should have been removed before installing Mcafee. If you skip the warning re it during installation Mcafee will uninstall reinstall itself. You can reinstall them after.


                      In services windows firewall should be on automatic so Mcafee can control it.

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                        I do have Spybot installed and McAfee allowed me to keep it after only a warning. My Spybot is only a manual scanner and not realtime a/v (without Teatime and immunization updates) so it shouldn't be a problem.

                        My Windows firewall in WinXP Home is either on or off and left on.

                        Thanks for your answer!

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                          If Control Panel > Security reports that both McAfee and Windows Firewalls are on then you should turn the Windows one off.

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