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    Blocking .com extension mime files but not .txt files?


      Hi All.


      We are using a Web gateway 7.1 and would like to block all executables including .com files.

      We see that they gateway does not have the .com in the application catorogy list.


      Currently i have the bellow rule set for "request", "responses" and "embedded objects"


      MediaType.FromFileExtension contains .com


      MediaType.FromFileExtension contains application/octet-stream


      MediaType.FromFileExtension contains text/plain


      That is working fine and blocking .com files





      a .txt file also has a text/plain mime and these are blocked now is well.


      So the question is:


      is it possible to block .com file and let .txt files not?


      -> Extra info

      i tried google, searching the KB but did not find anything.