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    SuperAgent repository caps limit?

      Hi, I notice only few machine are getting updated from each SA repository (roughly 20%). Once that filled, the rest of machine request are being denied till next interval.

      Have got a ticket raise but their initial response state network bandwidth issue, which doesnt seems right since I am sitting next to SA repo and still being refused for update.


      Not sure if its true, but I heard quota size is capped based on number of processors? Is this a defect or do I need to relook my SA config?

      Many thanks and appreciate the help you can offer.

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          The only limit I know of is the number of simultaneous connections allowed - the total number of downloads is definitely not limited.

          If you have a large number of machines on very slow links, then it is possible to use up all the allowed simultaneous connections - but as soon as these machines have completed, then other machines will be able to update.


          How many machines are using these repositories?
          What type of network link separates the repositories and the clients?

          What type of machines are hosting the repositories, and what OS?


          Thanks -