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    Deploy Agent to non-domain-members




      deploying the agent to many clients, which are members of a domain is not a big deal.

      How about deploying many agents to workstations, which are not member of a domain or a special workgroup?

      Is it somehow possible to deploy the mcafee agent to this systems from the epo console?

      ePO needs a domain in the agent deployment task...


      For Example:

      I want to install the agent on 1000 windows xp systems. All systems are not member of a domain or a specific workgroup.

      So I could install the agent using the hostname instead of the domain for each system individually. But this is not practically. I would need to create a new install task for each system in order to set domain = hostname.

      I tried using "localhost" or "*" in the Domain field. But this doesn´t seem to work.

      Each System has the same user name and password --> so this is not the problem.


      Any ideas?




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