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    Compliancy documentation


      I am relatively new to McAfee EPO, and while I have taken McAfee's EPO course, there seems to be a lot of stuff not documented.


      I am looking for any documentation on how compliancy information is generated, and how I can report/query on VSE compliancy.  I have generated several queries that show "compliant" and "non-compliant" systems.  In some cases I have defined the criteria (like managed systems that are within 3 versions of the DAT in the master repository), but this isn't really giving me the kind of information I need.  So I wanted to read how McAfee generates compliance events, and whether we have to define queries to generate compliance events, or whether these are automatic etc.  I really have very little information and can't seem to find any documentation on this subject.


      Has anyone ever configured compliant criteria from scratch (in the context of McAfee Query builder)?  I have tried and I don't understand the output at all.  The McAfee EPO "confiure criteria" has choices os "compliance check time, count of non-compliant systems etc. (see image) but it doesn't explain how to use these.


      I want my query to show me the count of non-compliant systems so why should I define a count in the query?  I just don't understand how this is used.  My "test" queries generated all sorts of useless information.  So I need to understand how this is used, and I can't find any information/documentation on it.


      Any ideas anyone?

      As indicated at the beginning I am a rookie and would like to read how this all works before I start asking specific questions.