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    Help on Policy migration tool actions 8.7 to 8.8




      I Have had difficulty in ascertaining if the above tool duplicates and appends (V8.8) to existing policies or actually changes the originals.

      I do not want the originals touched as they will remain being used by 8.7i clients.

      I believe I can always export first then re-import afterwards but would rather not 'fudge things' in this way.


      I have two servers one ePO v4.5 using 8.7 clients and a new one which runs ePO v4.6.1 and will use 8.8 clients.


      I am fortunate in being able to do a transfer rather than an upgrade as I am moving off Virtual back to Physical servers for performance reasons, so my activities can take place in 'slow time'


      However, I really need to know if I should


      • migrate the Policies on the original server and THEN export them to the new server or
      • set up the new server to handle imported 8.7 policies and only then run the tool on the New Server



      I currently am unable to import the 8.7 Policies as I get the error


      Policy could not be imported because the file "E:\McAfee Transfers\Policies_For_VirusScan_Enterprise_8.7.0.xml" is invalid or contains read only policies which can not be imported.


      but suspect this is due to the lack of 8.7 extensions on the new server or similar



      any advice would be useful at this stage.........................





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          Okay, have answered my own question LOL


          elected to work on the  4.6.1 server and minimise disruption.

          • using MENU>SOFTWARE>EXTENSIONS completely removed the extensions for VIRUSCAN 8.8. that the Software Download Manager installed during the guided Config.
          • added the extensions for 8.7 + reports
          • this allowed me to to import the 8.7 export file from the 4.5 server without any errors.
          • I then had to add the VirusScan 8.8 extensions back in over the top of the 8.7 lot
          • this left 8.7 present but overwrote the VirusScanReports with, as well as adding the 8.8. extension.
          • Thus allowing  me to run the epopolicymigration.exe ( double-click * then 'run')
          • On viewing the Policy Catalog all the 8.7 and 8.8 Polices were in full view.
          • Removing the 8.7 extension then removed all the 8.7 Policies and I was back where I started but with Policies to work with.