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      I dont know if this its the correct place to ask.....

      I did a search for mcafee virus protection and paid for McAfee total protection 2012 package plus Secure IE

      The email arrived from McAfee Protection [order-confirmation@mcafeeprotection.com] with a link for the download.

      I was able to download (tried several times on 2 seperate pcs) Secure IE but not McAfee Total Protection so i emailed asking for help using their link and got a reply from winferno.

      Can you please clarify if this is genuine software I have paid for or a scam. I genuinely thought I was buying from McAfee but now it does not actually download and I found a posting on your forums suggesting it was malware.

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          You'd have to contact Winferno support for that as they are a totally separate entity simply acting as a reseller of the software.  McAfeeProtection.com is not McAfee.com - different company.


          SecureIE is not McAfee software but all McAfee suites include at least the free version of SiteAdvisor and the upper ones include SiteAdvisor Live browser protection.


          Internet Explore 9 is pretty safe anyway if kept up to date, assuming this is Vista or Windows 7, if XP then IE8 is the highest compatible version.


          Personally I wouldn't deal with Winferno as their website is labelled unsafe by several browser safety applications (such as WoT, Web Of Trust) but they are legitimate.












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            This question came up in an earlier thread. I've nothing new to add to what I said there.


            See https://community.mcafee.com/message/227142#227142