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    Web Reporter Database Help!




      After the 90 days demo of the reporter, we finally got the license. but we move on from a virtual one to phisical server. Is there a way to migrate the logs from the OLD webreporter to the new one?



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          What database are you using?   If it is an external SQL DB then why cant you point to the same database?  All the records will be there.

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            Ok, this is exactly what am looking for, but. The virtual machine was XP 64bit and now the server is 2003 Server. The instrucctions clearly says cross plataforms not aloud, but i just need the logs not the configuration. can it be done this way?

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              Well, Web Reporter shouldn't even install on Windows XP, but that aside, you shouldn't have any issues since your going from Windows to Windows, even if you were switching from 32-bit to 64-bit. The only files that would be sensitive to migration is the internal database files, but we only ship a 32-bit version of the DB, so it's safe as long as you migrate between Windows platforms.


              I wrote the article to to be safe over time so I don't have to check it for accuract after every patch release.  That's why it's a little strict on the wording.

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                Got it. But here the thing. The instructions are for moving the info from one server to another, thats part 1, but i already setup the 2003 server and i already got like a week of data that i dont want to lose. Its there a way to merge the old data with the new one?

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                  I'm a little confused...  Are you saying that you imported data in both systems and you want to combine them? This would not be possible, you would need to send the original log data to the new server. I can explain why if you need.



                  Or do you have data in the DB used by the XP machine, no data in the Server 2003 machine, and you want to move the data?  This would be covered by the Knowledge Base regardless if you were using external or internal DB.

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                    Ok let me explain my situation.


                    We installed Webreporter in this windows machine (XP)  and it was working great. It was collecting info and reports and everything from 2 webgateways. The 90 days expired and they order to buy the license. Now we got the license and install a brand new server 2003, since the new server was up for 2 weeks now collecting data from the webgateways. What we want to do is to transfer the old information and combine it with the new one.


                    your're been a great help so far. Thanks!

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                      Then your only option is to send the logs to the new server.


                      When you import a log, and Web Reporter sees a site for the first time, it will make a new record in the site table and assign it a unique ID.  The data tables reference this ID.  This is similar for all data such as user names, categories, etc..  Since the IDs are unique to each server, you cannot merge data from two databases


                      If you are pushing logs from Web Gateway, then open SSH and use lftp to manually send any logs you want to resend.  Assuming they haven't been deleted from the gateway.


                      If you are pulling logs from an FTP server or local directory, then just use a command line utility such as "touch" to update the timestamp on the file. Web Reporter will detect them as new files based on their timestamp and pull them.

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                        Wow, there is like a load of 7Gb worth of logs from january to april in one webgateway, and the download is 1 by 1. Ouch.